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7 Tips to Be More Organized at Work

18 April 2022

To meet the goals of the company, productivity among the workforce is the key. When employees are efficient, they are able to produce the needed quality output at the least possible use of resources.

There are many ways in which a company can boost productivity, one of which is improving the organization. When the workplace and each employee are organized, they are able to focus on their jobs and have healthy collaborations with their colleagues. You will feel confident, prepared for your work, and able to crash your deadlines when you are an organized employee. Being organized can definitely help you deliver a better work performance, individually and collaboratively.

What this means is you are able to manage your schedule, prioritize tasks from least to most, and finish each of them on time.

At work, there are many times when you have to deliver more than one task at a time. This means it would highly helpful for you to be effective when you’re organized. You are able to juggle more than one thing at a time. It helps you fulfill your career goals. If for instance, you are efficient with your time, you will be able to work on personal projects during your free time. Since you are working efficiently, you help the company succeed while you move your way up the corporate ladder. Plus, since you have finished work in the office or during the supposed working hours, you won’t be disturbed by work once you log out. You are able to maintain that much-coveted work-life balance.

Also during a workday, if you noticed, you tend to be more sluggish in the afternoon. When you are organized, not only are you able to build the momentum, and your groove while working, but you are also able to sustain it throughout the day. This can help you to finish everything on your to-do list even though you aren’t feeling that motivated.

As we’ve also hopefully reiterated, you improve your productivity at work when you are highly organized. You don’t find yourself looking for a missing document or reaching out for something lost because you are organized. You can save time and yourself from the hassle. When you are organized, it’s much better for you to communicate with your teammates and boss about the progress of a task. The process is clear as day so it’s much easier for you to detail out what is currently happening. You remain focused, which reduces your stress at work and the anxiety that has been building up in your mind and body.

So how can you be organized in the workplace? Here is a word of advice from your seniors on how you can go about your day.

1. Work on a time block daily schedule.

What you do is take out the whole day and schedule what you’ll be doing per hour or two from your schedule. During a specific time block, you must not do anything else but the work you are assigned during that block. This will help save you from getting distracted. Of course, don’t be too rigid and still be flexible with your schedule when the need arises.

No matter what distractions you will get, make sure to stick to the schedule both of you agreed upon. You could make your to-do list with specific time blocks using different color codes.

Tip: Your day will by far become so smooth when you follow a daily schedule. We say routine because it’s something you repeat every day that you will eventually form a habit out of doing it regularly. The more you do it every day, the more instinctive an activity becomes to you. Basically, you streamline your activities for a day, helping you achieve efficiency.

2. Use your email calendar.

Technology has made everything accessible. You may use your email application so that you can set alerts when you’re traveling. Note there your meetings for the week and set a calendar alarm so that you won’t forget to arrive at the venue. It’s much easier to set something in stone when you see it on paper. The bottom line is, to learn how to save money even at a young age.

3. Note everything down.

Yes, we are supercomputers of our own but remember your mind is still human. Make it a habit to write everything down so that you don’t forget anything, especially if it’s an instruction you have to follow. Write down notes during a meeting, dates you have to remember, and your to-do list with your priorities ranked from most important to least.

4. Standardize your processes.

It will save you a lot of time when you save templates and checklists for recurring tasks. So for example, if you have a new project of a similar nature to an old one, you can pull out a template and just follow what you did before, changing details of course. This also ensures that this time around, there is less room for mistakes. You won’t be forgetting any step and most importantly, it’s much easier to fulfill a project for you because you aren’t starting from scratch.

5. Make a filing and record system.

If you label your documents properly and file them in an organized manner, you can save a lot of time from looking for files when you need them. This also helps you lessen your clutter and aids you to maintain organization in your work. You may have a way of naming your files and saving them in categories on your desktop. Your printed folders have different colors so it’s easy to pull out a document anytime.

6. As much as possible, do not multitask.

If you are able to, do one task at a time. It’s a myth that multitasking helps you be more efficient at work. When you are focused on one project, you commit fewer mistakes and you are less stressed; thus, more able to meet deadlines or even finish projects before the designated time. You will even feel more fulfilled and gain momentum once you finish a task and are able to tick it off your to-do list for the day.

7. Use the right tools.

There are many physical and digital tools that you can use to maintain organization in your workspace. You can be organized by using ergonomic furniture from trusted brands like FlexiSpot. You can also benefit from using online tools such as Trello or Slack.