• How it works?

Step 1: Visit https://flexispot.com/referral/ and fill out the form.

Simply enter your names and e-mail addresses and click "Start Sharing".

Step 2: Share your exclusive referral link with your friends.

Step 3: You Can Get Rewarded

Once your friends make a purchase via your link, you are eligible for a reward!


  • How do I refer FlexiSpot products to my friends? How do I generate my exclusive referral link?

Share your referral link at https://flexispot.com/referral/, your friends will save $15, and you will earn $10 cashback.

  • How do I track my referrals and view my cashback?

You will receive an email notification when your friend buys FlexiSpot product through your referral link.


  • How will I get paid for the cashback I earn? How often?

We pay cashback to your PayPal account. The cashback is calculated and paid out monthly. 

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