• Are FlexiSpot height adjustable standing desks as sturdy as traditional desks?
Absolutely! Our height-adjustable standing desks feature thick steel that supports the desk’s maximum load capacity. Thanks to rigorous engineering, we have successfully minimized gaps and optimized the overlap between the casings. We also inserted high-quality glides to further enhance stability. Then, we added durable, high-quality feet beneath both legs. All of this ensures that our desks adjust smoothly and remain stable at every height level.

  • Will the desk move if I type hard on my computer?

No, it remains as sable as a traditional, non-adjustable desk.

  • Can I set the height to the level I want or is it preset?

Absolutely. You can use the programmable keypad on our electric height-adjustable desks to set your desired height level when sitting or standing. You can also use the Up & Down buttons to make changes to the height as desired.

  • What’s the height adjustment range for FlexiSpot standing desks?

We offer a wide selection of desks with varying height ranges to comfortably fit most users. Currently, people between 5'3" and 6'5" will find the height adjustment range on our desks perfectly suitable. We continually strive to expand our height ranges to accommodate people of all heights. Please refer to the “Specs/Assembly” section on each product page for specific height ranges.

  • I received only the panel but no frame. Do you ship the items together or separately?

They are intentionally shipped separately and will arrive in different shipments.

  • How much weight can FlexiSpot’s standing desks hold?

We offer three different maximum weight capacity options for our electric standing desks: 220 lbs (Sanodesk Pro, Rectangular E5 & E2), and 154 lbs (Sanodesk, Rectangular E1). Our crank standing desk H1 holds up to 176 lbs.   

  • Are FlexiSpot standing desks easy to set up?

Yes, while it varies from person to person, most people discover it takes them 30 minutes or less to set up a FlexiSpot standing desk. We take the guesswork out of assembly with detailed, user-friendly assembly instructions that help you set up the frame. Plus, we include all the hardware you need right in the box. Want even faster assembly? Try our Sanodesk Pro. It offers 5-minute assembly to save you even more time.

  • Are FlexiSpot standing desks loud?

Not at all. In fact, FlexiSpot standing desks meet the “silent zone” standard for environmental noise pollution. Our desks have a decibel range between 33 and 40 db in motion when there is nothing on the desktop. The range is between 34 and 45 db in motion when there is maximum weight loaded onto the desktop. As a point of reference, a conversation between two people is between 40 and 60 db.   

  • How durable are FlexiSpot standing desks?

Our desks are built to last, and we have the durability tests to prove it. During our development and testing process, we raise and lower our desks more than 20,000 times with zero sign of breakdown. As an added bonus, we back our frames with a hassle-free 5-year warranty. Our electrical components come with a 3-year warranty.

  • What is the voltage on your electric standing desks? Do they work in countries with 220/240V?

Yes, the power supply is 100-240V AC, 50/60hz, 300W, Max 4,  so it will work in countries with 220/240V. However, to ensure the plug fits properly in international sockets, only use it with an international plug adapter.

  • What are the key differences between a manual and an electric height adjustable desk?

Both desks have their pros and cons. Your budget, office environment, and personal preferences will all play a part in deciding whether a manual or electric desk is best for you. Check out this comparison guide for details.

  • What’s the difference between a 2-stage frame and a 3-stage frame?

A 3-stage frame offers a broader height adjustment range, 24.4" at the lowest setting and 49.6" at the highest, making it ideal for the shortest and tallest users. A 2-stage frame is perfect for most average height individuals with a height adjustment range of 27.9" at the lowest setting and 47.6" at the highest.

  • Does this include a cable management system underneath the desk?

No. But a cable spine is available and can be added to your order for an additional cost.

  • What’s the difference between single motor and dual motor?

The key difference is adjustment speed. Dual-motor desks offer faster adjustment speeds than single-motor desks.

  • What’s the difference between SanoDesk and SanoDesk Pro?

There are 5 key differences: price, ease of installation, height-adjustment range, adjustment speed, and weight capacity. Sanodesk is the more affordable option of the two, while the more premium SanoDesk Pro offers a pre-assembled desktop, broader height-adjustment ranges, quicker adjustment speeds, and a heavier weight capacity.

  • Do your height adjustable standing desks come with casters so they can be moved around easily?

No, however, caster wheels can be added to your order for an additional cost.

  • Is the crank for model H2 removable?

Yes, it's removable. Once you adjust the standing desk to the height you want, you can remove the crank anytime.

  • Does the desk frame come with a desktop?

Our flexible purchase options let you purchase the desk frame with or without the desktop.

  • What is the best way to clean my FlexiSpot standing desk?

To clean the desktop, wipe the surface using a warm, damp cloth. Make sure it's completely dry before replacing any electronic equipment. Never use chemicals or harsh abrasives as they may damage the finish.

To clean the frame, dab a little rubbing alcohol onto a cotton cloth and carefully remove any dirt or debris.  

  • Can the keypad be installed on either the left or the right side?


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