• What information is displayed on the LCD digital screen ?

The LCD display shows helpful performance stats such as your distance, calories burned, cycling duration, and speed while you exercise.

  • How big is the desk?

The desktop is 19.6” x 22.8”. The desk offers plenty of space to hold a laptop,tablet, cell phone , and even a cup of coffee!

  • I noticed the bike does not have pedal straps. Is it easy to pedal? Also, how sturdy is the desk?

You don’t need pedal straps since it’s not a spinning bike. The desk is incredibly sturdy. It doesn’t wiggle your computer while you ride. If you pedal at a consistent pace, you can actually type and cycle at the same time.

  • How heavy is it? I plan to move it to my basement or upstairs.

The package weight of this bike is 89 lbs and the bike weight is 76 lbs.

  • I am 6'6". Will this accomodate my height?

Our recommended user height is between 5’1” and 6’2”. Unfortunately, the seat height would not work for you.

  • I weigh 260 lbs. Is there a weight limit? Would I be able to use this?

The weight capacity of this bike is 300 lbs.

  • Can you "coast" on this bike where the wheel continues to spin even after you stop cycling? Or, does the wheel stop instantly when you stop pedaling?

There is no coasting. When you stop, the wheel stops too.

  • It doesn't look like it needs electricity, right?

Yes, that’s right. It doesn’t need electricity. It only uses 2 AA batteries to power  the LCD display (the small screen that displays the cycling duration, calories, and distance).

  • Do your knees hit the desk when you pedal? I understand it's adjustable, but if the desk is too high it could make typing uncomfortable.

You can raise both the seat and the desktop to your comfort level. If you adjust both properly, you won’t hit your knees.

  • What is the weight capacity for the desktop on Deskcise Pro?

The weight capacity for the desktop on Deskcise Pro is 110 lbs.

  • How much floor space does this take up?

When the bike is fully extended, it takes up 0.5 sq.in.

  • If I use a laptop while biking, is the laptop screen noticeably wobbling?

No, it is not.

  • The inside length of my leg is 28 inches. Will this product work out for me?

Both the seat and desktop are adjustable, so it should not be a problem.

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