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Big discounts

Huge, Huge Discounts Await FlexiSpot Members

You know how important it is to have a relaxing and adaptable workstation if you spend most of your day in front of a computer. Thanks to their creative and client-focused approach to office furniture, FlexiSpot has fortunately been at the forefront of this movement for quite some time. With the FlexiSpot Membership program, they're now taking it to the next level! With this innovative program, they want to maximize your return on investment by rewarding their loyal consumers with a variety of benefits and discounts.

FlexiSpot provides everything you need, whether you're searching for a standing desk, a cozy chair, or other ergonomic workplace necessities. Additionally, you may anticipate receiving even more exclusive benefits and incentives for your dedication with the FlexiSpot Membership. This program is intended to enhance your FlexiSpot experience by providing great discounts, early access to new items, freebies, and individualized customer care. So don't wait any longer to enroll in the FlexiSpot Membership program if you're prepared to advance your workplace and maximize your investment.


EP4 Seiffen Laminated 4-Spliced Standing Desk

Original Price: CA$569.99

Sale Price: CA$349.99

Are you stuck in a workspace that feels dull and uninspiring? It's time to ditch the boring and make way for the EP4! This desk is the perfect fusion of style and utility, boasting a powerful dual-motor lifting system that can lift up to 220 pounds with ease. Plus, its adjustable height range of 25" to 50.6" means you can work comfortably in any position you desire.

Worried about disturbing your colleagues with a noisy lifting process

My Ideal Work Table

Christmas Deals from FlexiSpot

Doing some last-minute Christmas shopping? 

Completing The Wish List

Dear Santa, I want a FlexiSpot Workspace this Year

Did you believe in Santa growing up?

Christmas Gifts

What Type of Christmas Gifter are You?

How do you give gifts every Christmas? 

The  Christmas Wish List

All We Want from FlexiSpot This Christmas

No one will admit to being Naughty or Nice this year so that they can be on the rightful list of Santa this Christmas. 

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Who to Give Gifts to This Christmas Season

So who do you give gifts to this Christmas season?


Celebrating December events aside from Christmas

There are so many special occasions that don’t stop just because we have the Christmas holidays around us. 

Black Friday

The Complete Guide for Getting the FlexiSpot FREE Standing Desks

1. Free Orders

Where's the fun in the Black Friday season when the buyers can't cop some free orders? This super-exciting offer is available to all our existing and potential customers, so you also stand a chance.

During this campaign, Flexispot has been benevolent to the extent that you can enjoy free orders from the 25th of November.

However, you need to note that this offer is primarily for folks who made the first three (3) purchases at 00:00 am EST and 9:00 am EST on the 25th of November. Therefore, you might be among the lucky winners that'll get the free products.

The icing on the cake here's that the free products cover almost all our ergonomic products such as the height-adjustable standing desk, ergonomic office chair, and desk converter, among others.

1 to buy desk

2.Pay C$1 To Buy A Standing Desk

Imagine getting an ergonomic standing desk worth C$629 for as low as C$1. That's an offer we assure you that you cannot see elsewhere.

This promo package will start at 4:00 pm EST on November 25, 2022. So you should be ready to throw your hat in the ring to secure a spot for yourself.

However, you should note that there are only 5 limited slots for this activity. Therefore, we will be operating on a "first come first serve" basis.

turn 1 into 100

3. Turn C$1 into C$100

Here is another magnanimous offer introduced by Flexispot to give you the perfect Black Friday and Cyber Monday experience. And you

FlexiSpot Height adjustable desk

FlexiSpot is the Ergonomic Brand to Trust

Over the past few years, ergonomic office furniture has become more popular. 

One young man using laptop and buying on online store.

Important Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal (November 25 - November 28)

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals are the yummiest shopping days of the year you can't afford to miss.

Black Friday neon sign

Save Money Tips for Black Friday Warming Up Activity (November 10 - November 24)

At Flexispot, the Black Friday sale is the biggest shopping days of the year and we've also slashed the price tags on all our products to make the season more worthwhile for you.

Black Friday Sale Promotion Poster

2022 Flexispot Black Friday Desk Week is Here

In the Flexispot family, the season has come upon us to celebrate another Black Friday Desk Week.

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Exclusive Discounts for FlexiSpot Members this August 10 - 12

Are you a FlexiSpot member yet? 

Happy Canada Day

Get Up to 30% off on Selected Products this Canada Day

Every July 1, the whole of Canada celebrates Canada Day. 

Working Dad

Giving Dad his Dream Workspace

So your dad just heard a word from his office that he’ll be working at home permanently. 

I love you, Dad

More Ergonomic Gift Ideas for Dad (and Mom!)

How do you give back to your parents?

Father’s Day Surprise

3 Ergonomic Gifts for Dad this Father's Day

We’re counting the day until Father’s Day arrives. 

Busy Single Parent

3 Ergonomic Gifts for Single Parents This Mother's Day

An ideal family in our heads includes a mother, father, and their children all together in one home.

 Giving Love this Mother’s Day

Treat Your Mom With FlexiSpot Gifts this Mother's Day

We owe our lives to our mothers. 

Newly Wed Young couple moving in new home

The Best Ergonomic Furniture Gifts for Newlyweds

You just got an invitation to your friend’s wedding. 

Easter Eggs

FlexiSpot Gift Ideas for Easter Sunday

Whether you’re Christian or not, Easter festivities have very much entered our social calendars. 

What's New?

Ringing in the New Year with New FlexiSpot Products

We’re pretty sure you’ve felt the rush of something new. 

Christmas Bonus

What to Do with Your Christmas Bonus

Why do people love the holidays? 

Christmas Gifts

Gift Ideas for Every Member in the Family

We are already through the half of December and it’s just 9 days before Christmas!

Christmas Gifts

Treats from the FlexiSpot Christmas Gift House

You better watch out; you better not cry

young woman with her gifts

Give More Meaningful Gifts this Christmas season

Check your calendars because it’s just 19 days before Christmas! 

A Sweet Surprise

Gift Ideas for Your Loved One

Yes, it’s extraordinary to get into an ivy league, finish a Ph.D., or patent your own invention, but try to sit down with these geniuses and ask them about their hardest struggle in life. 

Black Friday

How to Prepare for Black Friday

Are you ready for one of the most awaited sales of the year? 

Are you ready for Black Friday?

Flexispot Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Do you hear the repeating playlist of Christmas jingles, bells clinking, and families chattering about the coming holidays?

reward yourself

Reward yourself this coming Black Friday

Do you remember your parents trying to make you do homework instead of another hour of playtime?

Sales and discounts

FlexiSpot Products On Sale

People often take furniture for granted.

The Online Teacher at Home

4 Ways to Give Thanks to your Teacher the Ergo Way

Teachers are among the professionals in Canada that experience exhaustion and burn-outs.

The Consumer’s Wonders

The 4 Whys of the Standiversary Event of FlexiSpot

In an analysis that explained people's consumer behavior in Canada, Santander Trade Markets found that more online shopping purchases are what Canadians have done in recent years. 

The Bond Within the Family

5 People You Could Invite to Join the Standiversary Event

A survey of Ronald Mcdonald House Charities of Canada in February 2019 stated that 62% of Canadians value strong family relationships and choose to spend more time with the family.

Sale at the Flash!

The Fun Events at the Standiversary of 2021

September is another month to feel festive for both hybrid office and WFH workers.

The Great Discount

5 Practical Reasons to Buy Items on Sale

September 2021 is an exciting month and year for most Canadian employees looking for the dream ergonomic products.

The Online Mega Sale

The Rewarding Discounts and Surprises at Flexispot this 2021

According to the statistics that Statista presented in 2020, eight out of ten Canadians perceive the deals and sales to be essential for a rewarding online purchase.

work like dog

Work Like A Dog Day: Celebrating the Hard Life

The world out there is fast, dynamic, and sometimes brutal...

British Columbia

How to Celebrate British Columbia Day

British Columbia day is personal to citizens of the British Columbia province in Canada...

american family

Sprucing up American Family Day with the right inspiration

As summer sheds its waning rays for Autumn, we need to spend more time with the people dearest to us...

father's day

Father’s Day Gift Guide

What’s in your mind when you think of your father?


How to choose your standing desk converter

Here are a few tips to guide you on how to choose your standing desk converter for your workstation.

Top 5 Mother’s Day Gift 2020

Mother’s Day 2020 is just around the corner, and what a special day to show our love to our dearest mom – be it a friend, a sister, cousin, wife, or a colleague.

Sure, this is a strange time to celebrate such an occasion, but remember that the perfect gift for this Mother’s Day 2020 doesn’t need to be flashy or expensive for her to feel extra special.

Wow them in these practical and thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift for you to choose from.

Personalized pillows

A relaxing living room needs a cute and personalized pillow. This type of gift is the message itself – you can either put your names on it or left her a special message. Feel creative and customize the way you see fit. A pillow is a meaningful gift that can both provide comfort and accent your mom’s resting area. Check out Pinterest for styles and designs for your customization.

Comfy Slip-ons

Nothing says utmost comfort for your mom that getting her a pair of a cushioned slip-on. Since most of our days are spent at home during this quarantine period, you can order her a pair of velvety or something dual-layered foam for daily wear. There are myriad slippers that come in a variety of colors, so make sure you choose her favorite color. Include a Mom’s day gift card to make your gift more special.

Charcuterie Board Set

More time in the house means more time for mom entertaining her family using any presentable and eco-friendly charcuterie board set which are available in amazon. This may come with a concealed pull-out drawer to make the serving more per

Picking the Right Computer Desk for Small Apartments

Remote work was already a growing trend, but the coronavirus pandemic has now made it the norm. For some office workers the change will be temporary; for others, it may become permanent. Either way, a comfortable home office workstation is vital, but it can be tricky to find the space in which to set it up. In particular, workers may have trouble finding the right computer desk for small apartments. Fortunately, there are some creative options. Here are several small apartment desk ideas that will help to maximize space utilization.

Floating Desk 

As you might have guessed from the name, a floating desk is not a piece of freestanding furniture taking up floor space but a desk surface attached to a wall. It can be as small and simple as a 1’ x 2’ plank of wood attached to the wall with brackets. Borrow a chair from the kitchen table and you have a simple, space-saving, cost-effective home workstation.

Some floating desks fold away, sitting perpendicular to the wall when in use and folding up parallel to the wall when stored, including supportive legs that also fold in neatly for storage. Other floating desks can be more furniture-like – for example, on a ladder shelf that’s anchored to a wall, small high shelves function as decorative storage and a deeper table-height shelf can be used as a desk surface.

If you need storage for paper files or other items, look for a floating desk that has cabinets or cubbies mounted underneath on one or both sides. Additional features you can find on floating desks include pull-out keyboard and mouse trays and hidden cable management.

Alcove Workstation 

Think about the layout of your apartment. Do you have a small space that doesn’t lend itself naturally to another use? You might be able to turn it into a cozy office by creating an alcove workstation. Perhaps there’s a narrow extension off the living room that leads to a window view or some open space underneath a

standing desk stand up desk

Buyer’s Guide for Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk en1

Buyer’s Guide for Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk en1

home office standing desk for WFH

Comparing the VIVO Desk and the FlexiSpot MANUAL Desk H2

Comparing the VIVO Desk and the FlexiSpot MANUAL Desk H2

desk riser for home office

Comparing the Vari Desk Riser and the Flexispot M2B

Comparing the Vari Desk Riser and the Flexispot M2B

why having a wobble stool is an important asset in any office

6 Reasons Why a Wobble Stool is an Important Investment

I discuss 6 reasons why having a wobble stool is an important asset in any office, especially when used with a standing desk.  The benefits are endless!

L-Shaped Electric Height Adjustable Desks

Best Adjustable Desk Review: The L-Shaped Electric Height Adjustable Desk

A review of one of the best adjustable desks, The L-Shaped Electric Height Adjustable Desk from Flexispot. 

The Physical therapist is trying to cure his patient

All-in-One Desk Bike for Knee Pain

Knee pain that is the result of an injury, surgery or arthritis can benefit from stretching and strengthening exercises which may help to ease the pain while also improving your flexibility and range of motion.

Motorized AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters

Let's find out. Is the Motorized AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters EM7MB - 36" the right fit for you?

It's 3 pm. You've been in the same position for about three hours, and you know it isn't supposed to hurt this much, but it does. You try to complete the spreadsheet you're working on, but you can't just ignore your spine hurting. So you do the reasonable thing.

You stand up and stretch for a little. However, that makes you look like a total oddball because everyone else is doing precisely not that. Then you sit down back, but your back hurts. You really just want to stand over your computer to work, but you can't, because your desk is low.

If you've ever been in this position or something like it, you might be interested in trying out a sit-stand desk or standing desk converter. Simply put, it's a desk that allows you to work sitting down as well as standing up. Experts have pointed out that sitting down for long periods isn't necessarily great for the back, and standing during work can eliminate a lot of spine problems.

In the spirit of the health benefits of using stand up desks, we'll be reviewing the Motorized AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters EM7MB - 36" to see it's important features and whether you should consider getting it or not.

Key Features of the Motorized AlcoveRiser

  • Many other standing desks have hydraulics or mechanics that require effort from the users to lift, but the Flexispot EM7 is motorised. This means that you only need to push a button to get it to rise. So while traditional desk users
The whole family is enjoying their holiday

7 Ways You Can Keep Your Family Joyful This Holiday Season

Check out these tips for 7 ways you can stay joyful this year— and work smarter using our standing desk risers! Enhance your work space, and live with joy in 2020.


A man is enjoying full body massage

What to do when Your Body feels worse After a Massage

After a long day’s work, you’ll feel very cozy coming to your Flexipot’s full body massage chair that lets you enjoy a luxurious spa-like full body massage and helps relieve the day’s stress. 

Flexispot desk riser and desk bike

Stand-Move Solution: Desk Riser & Desk Bike

Standing desks converters and solutions to spine and back pains. 

Flexispot Value Electric Height Adjustable Desk EC1

Is The Value Electric Height Adjustable Desk A Great Fit For You?

Sitting in one position for too long, like you're often forced to do in a traditional office setting isn't healthy for your back. Now, sitting for too long in a bad posture? That can even lead to back problems that weren't even there before.

A standing desk converter helps you do that without losing work time

Standing Desk Converters Review: Is The GoRiser Standing Desk Converters A Great Fit For You?

A change of posture is great, and a standing desk converter helps you do that without losing work time or bending awkwardly over your desk. You can simply bring your computer up to your level while working and carry on with your job.

A woman is working with her standing desk converter

ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters - Eco Series 35” review— is it the best Standing desk converter?

The Best Standing Desk converters review for the ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters - Eco Series 35” desk. 

FlexiSpot Standing Desk Converters as Christmas gifts

Christmas Gift Guide

We are giving out a mouthwatering slash on our products for our existing and potential customers.

You know you don’t have to worry too much on getting the right machine to aid your healthy and productive living, we have just covered about that.

Stylish Electric Sit-Stand Smart Workstation EM6S VS Aesthetic Sit Stand Worksta

Stylish Electric Sit-Stand Smart Workstation EM6S VS Aesthetic Sit Stand Workstation M6S

Flexispot machines are the best you could ever think of. Work related hazards are not fixed to the office environment, you can also experience some health problems when you make use of your gadgets even from home, especially for work from home jobs.

The family is celebrating Christmas

The Potential Toxic Dangers of Holiday Decorations

 Are there lurking dangers when it comes to holiday decorations?  The short answer is yes, but not as much as you might be lead to believe. Read more to find out. 

A man is preparing gift for holiday season

The Ultimate Guide on Giving Gifts to Your Boss

choose your gift wisely, don’t exceed your budget, and be smart while giving it to your boss. Only then will your present be accepted wholeheartedly and cherished. 

A woman is showing her gift for holiday season

5 Tips for Connecting With Coworkers During the Holidays While Working Remotely

Do you work remotely? Do you find yourself disconnected from your fellow employees? This post contains some advice for surviving the holiday season while working from home, and gives you some great gift ideas for your boss or coworkers.  

a female employee is checking her gift from her boss

Best Practices In Giving Employees Gifts That They Really Want

Whether you’re at the helm of affairs in a huge corporate body or a flexible CEO of a budding startup, employee gifting is one of the best ways to increase workplace productivity and generally improve the quality of life of your employees.
You can keep your employees happy by providing them with gifts that benefit them and help to improve their quality of service delivery. These physical gift ideas will help you guide your gift choices and keep your employees happier and motivated as ever.

We accept articles, stories, and reviews that feature our products. The topics can also include tips on ergonomic, workplace design and how to make a healthy daily routine. If you are interested to collaborate with us, send an email to [email protected].