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Five Tips to Help You Transition to a Standing Desk Converter

The transition to a standing desk converter might pose radical changes in your lifestyle. Are you ready for it?

Having trouble with managing remote teams? These few tips can help you out

Nothing in our lifetime has disrupted social life like the Coronavirus pandemic. All over the world, the virus continues to take its toll, and companies, teams and firms all over the world have had to adjust their modus operandi.

That's right. If your work can be done from home, you've probably been asked to start working from the confines of your house. This can be an especially difficult situation, particularly if you're the leader of a team that has to work together. Managers all over the world have been forced into situat ions where they would have to lead teams remotely. This is something that has never happened on such a large scale, and unsurprisingly, managers have found it difficult to adjust.

It's hard enough being a team member receiving virtual instructions. Imagine being the manager giving those instructions and having to coordinate the efforts of others too as well.

But thankfully, there are a few tips that can help you coordinate your team better.

Lower Your Expectations

First off, accept that you will not be as productive as you would have been in the regular office setting. Accept that your team members/workers won't be as productive as well. That will most certainly help you deal with whatever is coming.

This means that you will have to become more flexible, relax some rules on deadlines, and you may have to occasionally pick quality over quantity (that is quality of work over volume).

Stay In Touch

Well, this looks like the put one foot in front of the other rule, but it's important. Research says that contacting people frequently builds communication and makes it easier to sustain engagement.

This means that you must always make sure that your employees are checking in. Don't allow 12 hours go by without getting feedback about a task. You may even set a model of checking in. Maybe every 5 hours, workers are mandated to touch base. This will

A young boss is facing his employees

Managing employees who are smarter than you

You just started a new Supervisor position, and your sitting in a meeting, and someone asks you a question and your scrambling for an answer. Then, one of your new employees speaks up and answers the question and you shrink back in your seat. When you start a new role and manage employees who have more experience than you do, it can be natural to feel inferior. However, there are ways to grow the work relationship so your able to retain employees when changes in management happens.

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How To Celebrate Halloween At Work

Halloween is one of the most beloved of all seasonal holidays, second only to Christmas in terms of consumer spending. Celebrating Halloween at work can create a joyful atmosphere and bring employees together to have fun and show their creative side. Since Halloween isn’t associated with any one religion, it is an inclusive celebration for any office.

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Travel Incentive Programs To Help Reach Organizational Goals

If your company had an travel reward incentive, would your loyalty to the company and engagement in projects increase? Ours would too. This article talks about the benefits of a travel incentive program, and how companies use it to have higher staff retention and to encourage employee engagement.

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What To Do If You Recieve a Warning At Work

It is never easy to receive a warning at work. React calmly, resolve your issues in a timely manner, and your work situation should improve. Just in case, however, you may want to start a job search and update your resume, so you are well prepared.

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How To Maintain A Balance Between Being A Friend And A Boss

Boundaries need to be put in place for variety of reasons. If you are a boss, it's all about balance when it concerns becoming friends with your workers. Be an equivalently good mentor to all your workers and show understanding. Being trusting and understanding, supportive, honest, and not being a toxic leader are some ways on how to balance between being a friend and a boss.

A team with different members with personality diversity

Reasons For Diversity On Team Building

It is confirmed that more various organizations are often more creative and innovative .Having multiple teams helps you strengthen your brand's image, boosts profits, and maintain top talent. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is now an essential consideration in the past few years. The rationale behind it is because the culture has moved globally.

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Internal communication with a young population

Is your population growing with millennials and are you unsure how to communicate effectively with them? Are you afraid of staff turnover because your young population is unhappy with seeing follow through? Do you see low productivity in your young population? 

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How To Manage Office Chaos

We all face the challenge of keeping things orderly and well run, but office chaos can creep in unexpectedly and cause loss of profit for your business and high staff turnover. Learn a few ways to try and cut down on the chaos when it seems to be running your office. 

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Building Trust between HR and Managers

Do you ever wonder why employees aren’t reaching out to HR for issues that are happening? Does your organization continue to have high staff turnover and low staff productivity? Read on to find out how to build trust in HR with your employees and managers, and how this can help improve staff productivity and retain employees.