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Monday Mania: A Guide to Starting Your Workweek with a Bang

Monday is the day that has the power to make or break the entire week.

10 Pro Tips to Master Emotional Breakdowns at Work

Emotions are like wild stallions, ready to gallop through our professional lives, leaving chaos in their wake. But here's the secret: by mastering the art of emotional management, you can transform those breakdowns into breakthroughs.

Emotional management isn't just a fancy buzzword; it's an essential skill that can supercharge your professional journey. By handling emotional breakdowns like a pro, you unlock a treasure chest of benefits. Imagine a world where you remain calm and collected amidst the chaos, where your relationships with colleagues thrive, and where your productivity soars to new heights. It's a world where you can conquer challenges with ease and resilience, leaving no room for emotional meltdowns to derail your success.

Here are 10 tips to handle emotional breakdowns at work:

The Power of the Break Room Oasis

When emotions start to bubble, escape to the magical realm of the break room oasis. Take a few moments to yourself, grab a cup of tea, and engage in mindful breathing exercises. Imagine yourself on a tropical beach, sipping piña coladas while the stress melts away. Remember, even superheroes need a moment of tranquility!

The Dance Floor Therapy

Feeling overwhelmed? Turn your cubicle into a dance floor and bust out your signature moves! Crank up your favorite tunes, let the rhythm guide your body, and shake off that emotional baggage. Not only will you elevate your mood, but you might also inspire a spontaneous office flash mob!

The Emoji Translator

When emotions run high, communication can become challenging. That's where the Emoji Translator comes to the rescue! Embrace the art of non-verbal expression and communicate your feelings through a

Remote Work Morning

The Remote Worker's Guide to Starting the Day Right

As the sun peeks through your curtains, do you hear the call of adventure or the snooze button's tempting whispers?

lonely at home

Lonely No More: 10 WFH Hacks

Work-from-home is when the commute is from your bed to your desk, your coworkers are your houseplants, and no more pesky colleagues interrupting your deep thoughts or stealing your snacks from the fridge. 

Woman Working

Sayonara, Laziness! Mastering Japanese Productivity

In a world swirling with distractions and the never-ending battle against procrastination, it's high time we learn the wicked cool Japanese techniques to kick laziness in the you-know-where! 

Portrait of lady looking in mirror

Work It, Own It: 10 Affirmations to Catapult Your Success

You find yourself perched on the edge of a thrilling workday, ready to conquer the challenges and seize the triumph that awaits.

Cluttered office

The Psychology of Clutter: How Decluttering Your Home Office Can Improve Your Mental Health

We’ve all been there - staring at a pile of papers on our desk, or trying to find something in a cluttered drawer. 

Woman’s Back

The Office Chiropractor: How Ergonomic Furniture Can Help You Avoid Expensive Medical Bills

Picture this: you've just spent eight hours hunched over your computer, your shoulders are tight, your neck is sore, and your back is killing you. 

Happy workmates

Crack the Code to Job Bliss: Uncovering Workplace Happiness

Okay, let's get down to business.

lonely man

Office Breakups: How to Survive a Relationship That Ends at Work

Ah, the ol' office romance - thrilling, daring, and occasionally downright juicy.

Mad Woman

The Domino Effect of Hurt: How Lack of Sleep Sets Off a Chain Reaction of Pain

You know the old adage, "hurt people hurt people," but have you ever pondered how sleep deprivation can add to this chain of agony? In this composition, we'll delve into the intricate link between sleep and mental health, and how individuals in pain can often keep the cycle going by unleashing their frustration on others. So, brew yourself a cup of joe and prepare to unearth this captivating and frequently neglected connection.

Sleep and Emotional Regulation

Alright, let's dive into how sleep impacts our emotional well-being. When we're running on empty, our brain gets all mixed up and struggles to handle emotions like a boss. We get edgy, anxious, and can fly off the handle at the slightest provocation. Coping with stress and emotional pain becomes a Herculean task, which can lead to taking it out on others. For those who are already hurting, the lack of sleep can be like throwing gasoline on the emotional fire.

The Cycle of Hurt

Let's talk about how hurt people keep the pain train chugging along. When we get hurt, our first instinct is to protect ourselves. But sometimes, that means we lash out at the people around us. We might point fingers, criticize, or blame others for what's happened. That kind of behavior can really hurt the people we're targeting, making them feel attacked and defensive. And when they feel attacked, they might start to lash out too. Suddenly, we're all tangled up in a big, ugly mess of pain and hurt.

The Intersection of Sleep and Hurt

Let's talk about how lack of sleep fits into this painful cycle. When we don't get enough shut-eye, our emotions can spiral out of control. We become more sensitive, easily triggered, and prone to lashing out. This kind of b

man playing with paper plane

Lazy Genius: How to Master the Art of Procrastination and Still Achieve Your Goals

Let's face it, fellow millennials and Gen Z'ers, we're all about that productivity life. We're always hustling and grinding, looking for ways to optimize our schedules and reach our goals faster. But what if the secret to unlocking our full potential wasn't in working harder, but in doing less? What if procrastination was actually the key to our productivity woes?

Oh snap, hold the phone - procrastination, that's right! The practice of delaying tasks until the eleventh hour is usually considered a bad habit, but what if it's actually a secret weapon for reaching our aspirations? Buckle up and let's explore the fine art of procrastination and how we can use it to smash our to-do list without lifting a finger.

Let's get one thing straight, folks - not all procrastination is made equal. Mindlessly swiping through Instagram for hours on end isn't the same as taking a breather to recharge your batteries. The former is a total time-suck, while the latter can actually work wonders for our productivity. In fact, taking short breaks throughout the day can keep us sharp and rejuvenated, letting us crush our to-do lists like champs.

Investing in a standing desk and ergonomic chair will help you make the most of your breaks. These items can assist to lessen the physical strain of sitting for extended periods of time and encourage improved posture, which can enhance your attention and concentration. By taking small pauses to stand up, stretch, and move about, you may prevent the physical discomfort and mental exhaustion that can result from sitting for long periods of time. Invest in reliable ergonomic chairs like 

Stressed in the workplace

From Mess to Success: Tackling Workplace Woes with a Smile and a Strategy

Working at an office can be like finding your way through a never-ending labyrinth, where challenges and obstacles jump out at you when you least expect them.

Sleeping on Cherry Blossoms

Spring into Better Sleep: Tips and Tricks for a Restful Season

Ah, spring is here! Listen up, sleepyheads! Spring has sprung, the birds are singing their little hearts out, and those pretty flowers are popping up everywhere. 

Man happy achieving results

Manifest in Comfort: How Ergonomic Furniture Can Help You Create the Life You Desire

Manifesting is a process of bringing your desires and aspirations into your life through focused intention and visualization.

Woman in Construction

Common Problems Women Face in Male-Dominated Industries

Women have faced several difficulties and barriers in historically male-dominated fields. 

woman talking to herself in the mirror

Learn to Listen to Yourself When Making Tough Decisions

Listen to yourself.

Working Pregnant Woman

How to Take Care of Yourself as a Busy, Working Mom-to-Be

Congratulations, you're getting close to becoming a mother! 

Working Hard

Ways to Build Self-Discipline

You need to be disciplined in order to follow through with your commitments. 

Staying Active

Exercises to Try While Pregnant

Even if a bun is baking, you should still go about your daily activities. 

Stressed Employee

How to Not Let Frustration Stop You from Reaching Your Goals

Are you getting frustrated because you’re not getting the results that you want?

Cigarette Smoke

Smoking Can Negatively Affect Your Work Performance. Here's how.

If you want to lead a long and meaningful life, it's critical to maintain your health.

Moving Around

How to Inject Movement to a Desk Job

Some individuals could have remote workplace fantasies.

Christmas Blues

Fighting Christmas Anxiety that No One Talks About

We are all in agreement that the holiday period is one of joy and festivity. 

Empty Mind

Christmas is the Perfect Time to Start a Passion Project

Many want to have a vacation and unwind during the holidays.

Home Exercise

How to have a Dedicated Online Workout Group this Christmas

Christmas is also a food war, especially for all those who are trying to maintain their fitness level or their current weight. 

Working on a Standing Desk

Early Studies Prove that Standing Desks Boost Brain Functions

Everybody has experienced a mental slowdown as the day winds down.

Serious Work Mode

Health Benefits that will Convince You to Get a Standing Desk

If you are employed in a standard job at the office, you will have to sit at your desk for more than ten hours each day to complete your chores.

a young woman grieving and wanted to be alone

Why Am I Still Grieving and How Soon Can I Get Over It?

The anniversary of my grandfather's demise is today.

Deep in Meditation

Maintaining a Work-Life Balance for Good Mental Health

Mental health has taken a stride these past few years. 

The Squat

Common Full-Body Exercises to Try at Home

People have different preferences for how they conduct their weekly workouts. 

Never too late to Learn

Why Even Workaholics Shouldn’t Sleep on Having Hobbies

When COVID-19 happened in 2020, everything came to a complete stop. 

Woman Deep in Meditation

Why Meditate and How to do So

The relationship between mindfulness and mental wellness has been well established.

Don’t Want to Wake Up

How to Stop being Lazy While Working

Are you too lazy to work today?

 Sleeping Soundly

4 Benefits of Sleep for Work and for Life

Ben's first job was the ideal one for him.

Everything You Need to Know for Triathlon Training

Unbelievably, triathlon is a versatile and accessible sport that covers a wide range of ages or fitness levels.

The Rejected Applicant

6 Steps to do After a Job Rejection

Sometimes circumstances don't turn out as you had hoped. 


Let Go of Overthinking, Let Focus In

Are you now experiencing constant mental overload?

Carefree Woman

Gaining Direction at a Time of Chaos

There comes a time in our lives when we question what we are doing. 

Stressed Out

How to Not Let Stress Take Over Your Life

Did you know that stress is not necessarily a bad thing? 


How to Avoid Conflict with Your Loved Ones When You're Stressed at Work

Sometimes, when we are caught in the hullaballoo of work, we forget our loved ones. 

mental health wordpress

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health

How have you been lately?


Achieving an Ideal Work-Life Balance

Our work hours can quickly eat up our lives because it’s what we do on a daily basis. 

Don’t Shout at Me

Handle Criticisms at Work Like a Pro

Not everyone will agree with you, in whatever aspect of your life. 

Work Stress

What to Do When You Made a Mistake at Work

We are all human. No matter how efficient you are at the workplace, you won’t be able to avoid making mistakes at some point in your work life. 

Fear of Failing

Overcoming the Fear of Failure

People find that feeling successful heightens their self-worth. 

The Workspace

Why People are Not Convinced to Buy Ergonomic Furniture

There are many excuses as to why people do not buy ergonomic furniture.

Literally Burning Out

How to Prevent and Manage a Burnout

Even if you are the most positive, cheerful, and vibrant person in the workplace, you are still human and would feel exhausted at some point if you are being overworked.

A Clean Set-up

Every Work Dilemma Solved by an Ergonomic Item

Feeling back pains from sitting too long at your desk job? 

Morning Chat

8 Tips to Be a Better Communicator in the Workplace

Communication is a very important transferable skill.

Job Hunt

8 Tips to Get Hired Very, Very Soon

You are not alone and helpless because you have been unemployed for a while.

Goal Achieved

5 Tips in Making SMART Goals

A goal helps you to make your dream a reality. 

Fit and Healthy

How to Be Healthy for Summer and for Life

Summer is just a few days away. Are you ready? 

Deep at Work

How to Have More Productive Work Days

Big goals can be overwhelming. 

Top view of international creative team having business meeting

5 Ways to Behave Professionally at Work

Your behavior today will say a lot about the future of your life. 

Working Part-Time

6 Benefits Youll Enjoy From Having a Part-time Job

You consider it a part-time job when you allot less than 40 hours per week for it. 

Thinking Mind

8 Tips to End Your Habit of Procrastinating

If you are looking for success in your life, you should start to focus on your day-to-day.

Personal Development

7 Ways to Pave the Way for Self-Growth

Life is a continuing journey of self-growth.

In Deep Thought

8 Morning Routines to Be Productive at Work

An effective morning routine is crucial to your productivity and mood for the whole day. 

In Conflict

6 Tips on How to Deal with an Officemate that Annoys You

It’s already a given that you would be working with people you don’t like. 

Who’s the Boss

6 Tips on How to Manage a Team Effectively

Dealing with different personalities is arguably one of the most difficult tasks of a manager. 

Employees at Work

How to Combat Signs of Favoritism at Work

We all have favorites. 

Relaxed at Work

7 Ways to Relax When You're Stressed at Work

Multiple tasks all at the same time are not unusual at work. 

Serious Businesswoman

Why Being Assertive at Work Matters

Being assertive at work might help you become a model employee.

Time Blocking

How to Make Use of Time Blocking to Manage Your Day

Sometimes, we feel lost. 

Warm Touch

Physical Touch: What, Why, How

Are you a hugger and people have constantly complimented you for your warm hugs?

Power Hug

Here is Why You Need 12 Hugs a Day

COVID-19 has made us enter an era of no physical touch. 

Coffee on the Table

The Pros and Cons of Drinking Coffee

I started obsessing over coffee back when I was in college. 

Group Workout

How to Lose Weight in an Office Challenge

NBC’s The Office opened its fifth season with two episodes about Dunder Mifflin’s weigh-in office challenge.

The World of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy 101: What, How, Why

It is known that aromatherapy or essential oils were born during the Mesopotamian and Egyptian eras. 

Fly Away

Why Standing Desks Are Perfect For Your Child With Special Needs

Raising a kid is hard in itself; what more if it’s a kid with special needs?

Active Pregnancy

How to Stay Active and Healthy During Pregnancy

A bun in the oven doesn’t mean you should stop living your life.

Home Office Space

Why Your Company Should Invest in Ergonomic Products

Did you know that a law in Mexico requires companies to give their employees ergonomic computer equipment? 

insecurity to strength

Reframing Mindset: Turning Insecurities into Strengths

Don’t worry too much if you think you’ve been insecure your whole life.

Woman stuck in a creative rut

Get Motivated to Start Your Passion Project this Christmas

Every holiday season, most of us just want to take a break and relax.

Home Exercise

Work Out with Friends before Official Christmas Parties Commence

Before the official Christmas festivities begin, you have to prepare your body for the food battle. 

Holiday Yoga

Why Should I Lose Weight?

The dinner invites are coming in. 

Hard Day at Work

How to Have a Longer Attention Span At Work and Wherever

It’s easy to tell yourself that you’ll be doing three hours of focused work but as soon as you open your laptop and check your email Inbox, you mindlessly add a new tab and forget your plan in the first place. 

Reflection Time

How to Manage Daydreaming While at Work

Monica is a New York-based pilot. 

Silence Please

Staying Efficient at Work Despite A Personal Life Crisis

Picture this. You’re an ER nurse who had to go through the chaos of the pandemic.

Ticking Time to work

Running late again? Here's how to beat the deadline

Meet a deadline or unless you’re dead meat.

Morning Stretch

Workplaces should require meditation. Here’s why.

>Mindfulness has always been an antidote to mental health.

Beauty Rest

Why You Should Not take Rest for Granted

Bob’s first job was his dream job.

Since time immemorial, humans have been toying with the idea of a four-day workw

Is the Four-Day Work Week Worth the Try?

Since time immemorial, humans have been toying with the idea of a four-day workweek.

Meditating at Work

How to take Care of Your Mental Health at Work

In recent years, mental health issues have been brought to the forefront. 

Work Set-up

10 Productivity Hacks You'll be Thanking us For

Working at home is not preferred by everyone; hence, the inefficiency. 

The Working Introvert

The Introverts Skyrocketing Career in the Post Pandemic Time

The global pandemic that started in the first quarter of 2020 has turned the life of every person upside-down.

The WFH Hurdles

The Long-Term Effects of RSIs to WFH Individuals

1 out of 10 Canadian workers experience RSIs or repetitive strain injuries, said Canada's, Private Sector Union.

The Nerve Pain
Enthusiasm Amidst the Age

The Effectiveness of Desk Converters to the Elderly

As Talent Canada stated online, the global pandemic has left many senior workers furloughed by 9.7% from April to September 2020.

Uplifted Mood

3 Reasons a Good Blood Circulation Uplifts the Mood

In the survey that Statistics Canada made from September to December 2020, they found out that social isolation, the loss of jobs, decrease in income, and the difficulties to make both ends meet for the family were the factors why most of the global pandemic affected the mental health of some Canadians.

Standing Up From the Chair With Pain

5 Tips on How to Maximize the Sit-Stand Movement

As most employees and employers face the new work paradigm, there are many advantages that they can enjoy these days. 

Work It All Out At Home

5 Ways to Beat the Odds of the Sedentary Lifestyle

Working from home has a lot of advantages for Canadian workers.

Stretching by the Chair

5 Exercises to Do with Desk Bikes and Gaming Chair

The survey that Redfern Research had carried out and which Consumer Health Products Canada commissioned in 2020 when the pandemic started affecting thousands of people had gathered answers from 2000 Canadians.

Child’s Hunched Back

5 Ways to Help The Child Maintain Good Posture

The striking question of Canada Safety Council tries to ask readers if the ergonomics issue is detrimental to the health of the computer generation.

Strong Family Love and Care

3 Big Difficulties that Caregivers Experience in Canada

Caregivers or care partners are family members who extend their love and compassion to family members who have long-term health conditions and mental disabilities. 

Why Choose Desk Converters

4 Reasons to Use Desk Converters At Work

Repetitive motion injuries are common among people aged 20 and up in Canada. 

The Selfless Love Beyond Caregiving

5 Repetitive Motion Injuries that Caregivers Experience

There were 1.5 million senior citizens ranging from 65 and above in Canada that provided care for their loved ones that have old age-related problems with mental and physical abilities in 2018 as stated in the article of Paula Arriagada...

The Gaming Chair

4 Benefits of Using a Massage Gaming Chair

In the facts presented by the Entertainment Software-Association of Canada, 89% of teenagers and children aged 6 to 17 played video games (Real Canadian-Essential Facts of 2020; pg.7) during the pandemic.

10 Ways to Boost Your Productivity As A Student

10 Ways to Boost Your Productivity as a Student

Productivity is all about striking a balance that allows you to retain your sanity while effectively doing your tasks.

15 Tips to Transition Back To School Smoothly

15 Tips to Transition Back to School Smoothly

Suggestions to make your return to school a breeze.

office items

A Little Color Goes a Long Way

A touch of well-placed color can create an office environment where productivity can thrive.

office desk setup

Great Ideas to Organize Your Office Desk for Maximum Productivity

A guide on enhancing your work desk layout to maximize efficiency.

bedroom ideas

Fantastic Ideas for a Home Office in a Bedroom

If you currently have or are thinking about adding a home office to your bedroom, don't miss this guide.

Surviving A Workday Sleepless

Surviving a Workday on No Sleep

Surviving work on no sleep is not a pleasurable experience; here are some ways to get through the day.


Got the Runs? Exploring Various Diarrhea Treatments

Cure your washroom problems with these simple tips.

Ways On How You Can Stimulate Employee Creativity

Ways to Stimulate Employee Creativity

Ideas to spur the imaginations of your employees.

gaming essentials

The Multi-Monitor Desk Setup that Techies Need

Diving into the world of multi-monitor setups and how to compliment them.

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