Ergonomic Advice

Women in Tech

How are Women Doing in Today's Tech Industry?

Throughout the past few decades, women's roles in technology have seen tremendous change.

Lady Boss

The Pros and Challenges of Having Female Leaders

Over the years, there has been a growing trend of women occupying leadership roles in the workplace. 

Love Yourself

Why It's Important to not Forget about Self-Love this Valentine's Month

Self-love and self-esteem are essential components of a happy and fulfilling life. 

Happy Moments

How to be a Better Friend

Being a good friend is one of the most valuable things that you can do in life. 

Singles Awareness Day banner

What Single Awareness Day is All About

Single Awareness Day, also known as Singles Appreciation Day, is an annual holiday celebrated on February 15th. 

Fear of Failing

How to Not Let the Fear of Failure Stop Your Success

Many think their self-esteem increases when they feel successful. 

Career Success

How to Feel and Be Successful

The satisfaction they derive from their work defines success for many people. 

Clear Vision

Why A Vision Board is Better than New Year Resolutions

New Year resolutions don’t stick. 

Hard Work

The Secret Ingredient for Making New Year Resolutions Stick

Do you still believe in New Year Resolutions? 

Writing Time

Reflecting on the Highs and Lows of 2022

More than two days to go and it’s already 2023!

What path to take?

Making Major Decisions this coming 2023

2022 is about to end and a New Year is about to come. 

Teen girl putting dollar banknote into glass jar

Invest Your Extra Money these Holidays

Are you still wondering what you can do with your Christmas bonus? 

Things to be Grateful For

Foster a Gratitude Mindset

Although Thanksgiving Day is already done in Canada, we shouldn’t forget to be thankful to the people we love every day. 

Shoulder Problems

Let's Talk About Ergonomics, Shall We?

The term "ergonomics" has gained popularity in the furniture sector. 

Jump for Joy

6 Ways on How to Chase Happiness

Do you believe that your search for happiness has been never-ending? 

You’re Hired

Signs to Spot If You Just Had A Great Job Interview

Ever wondered if the job that you applied for liked you? 

Running Late

7 Tips on How to Tackle Office Tardiness

When employees report late for their jobs, there is usually an underlying reason behind it. 

Empowered Women

Celebrating International Women's Day

Women have bored the brunt of many years of oppression. 

Dream Big

6 Reasons Why You Shouldnt Give Up Your Dream

Pause from whatever you are doing right now and picture this with us. 

At Your Service

How to Show an Act of Service

Love month isn’t over just yet. 

Wedding Rings

6 Steps to Follow When Planning for Your Dream Wedding

Picture this. 

Going Green

Start a Sustainable Business with these 9 Easy Steps

Sustainability is a concept that most businesses get overwhelmed with.

Cleaning Partners

The Gender Inequality of Unpaid Work

Unpaid work is a reality that often goes undiscussed, but still very much exists up to today.

Protecting the World

4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Go Sustainable Now

In 1970, the first-ever Earth Day in the world was held. 

Loving Mother Nature

Why Companies Hesitate to Go Green

In its infant years, sustainability is not a concept that companies wholeheartedly welcomed. 

Office with a View

10 Remote Jobs You Can Apply For

Post COVID-19, many are saying that the future work setup is hybrid. 

Save the Date

9 Tips in Planning Your Best Year Yet

Marking a new beginning, the start of every year makes most of us beam with excitement.

Make It Happen

How to Make Your New Year Resolutions Stick

A fresh new perspective springs when the New Year comes. 

Writing Goals

Manifesting Your Dreams this 2022

It’s the New Year so it's about time to manifest the life you’ve always dreamt of having. 

Planting Money

Why Its Better to Invest Young

Justin and Michael graduated on top of their class at Yale University. 

Man Biking at Work

Another Q&A with a Satisfied FlexiSpot Desk Bike User

There’s no doubt that FlexiSpot customers love the V9 Pro Home Office Height Adjustable Cycle Desk Bike and with good reason. 

A Grateful Kid

Teaching Kids How to Say Thank You

The early stages of a kid’s development are considered as his or her formative years. 

Ruminating Girl

Signs that You are Working with Someone Very Insecure

Do you have a friend who would still brag about her Maldives trip for three years?

Family is forever

8 Non-monetary Investments You Shouldn’t Sleep On

Invest in stocks, cryptocurrency, and real estate—the world will tell you, and understandably so.

Happy Employees

The 7 Secrets to Staying Happy at Work

For some people, there comes a time in their lives that they can’t explain why they are suddenly feeling unhappy.

A New Chapter

7 Tips for a Successful Career Shift

Most often than not, people settle.

Life Anew

Sustainable Wood for a Sustainable Future

Planet Earth is in Code Red.

Man at his workstation

What Youll Need for a Passive Source of Income

Nowadays, people yearn for everything “instant.”

Glass of Water by the Laptop

Quick Easy Tips to Avoid Getting Your Gadget Wet

For the clumsiest of us, the dreaded water spill on the gadget we’ve been saving up for months is not a rare incident.

Great Team Management on a Remote Work Set-Up

The Effective Management Approach for Your Employees

The world stopped moving during the pandemic of 2020. A lot of businesses found it difficult to survive.

Giving: A Simple Act; A Joy to the Heart

The 4 People that Deserve to Receive the FlexiSpot Vouchers

Culturally, Canadians value generosity as part of their identity as a nation. 

The Discount Code
Grace Beyond Age

5 Ways Flexispot Helps the Aging Population

On July 1, 2020, the population of senior citizens in Canada had increased to 6,835,866. That covered 18.0% of the population.

tree planting

FlexiSpot Helps Rebuild Forests & Restore Biodiversity 

FlexiSpot supports a sustainable and dynamic way of living. 

international youth day

International Youth Day (2021): Self Reflection for Youths

August 12 is a day when we focus on the issues bothering youths all over the world...

Cat napping

National Lazy Day: Time to do... Nothing!

The hustle and bustle of our daily life often take a toll on us...

Learning is Forever: Reasons to Never Stop

Learning is Forever: Reasons to Never Stop

There's a reason why it's often claimed that learning doesn't end when school is out...

geekness day

How to embrace your geekiness

Remember the IT guys with tapered glasses that resolve all our computer issues at work? Yea, July 13 is for them! 

Testing Tables

The Test of the Best: How FlexiSpot Tests the Adjustable Standing Desk for Your Convenience

Not all standing desks are created equal. Some are even not up to the standards on what makes a standing desk perfect...

brand day

Flexispot Super Brand Day

Flexispot is set to indulge all its customers with a rewarding brand day campaign. Possibly the best news of the month, right?


FlexiSpot: BIFMA Certified & Trusted

It’s important to always consider the quality of the products you’ll be purchasing...

Write on offline cubes

The New Online Is Here, And It Is Offline

How increasing your social currency can be your key to success

entrepreneurs are working

Lifestyle Tips for Entrepreneurs

 As an entrepreneur you need a strategy to maintain a balanced lifestyle and avoid stress.  There are several simple things that you can do to keep your mind and body healthy and to make you more productive. A better you can build a more successful business and achieve your goals.

People who are leaders have gone through many obstacles in their path of life

20 Leadership Quotes from the World's Most Influential Leaders

People who are leaders have gone through many obstacles in their path of life. It is not easy to become a leader and help others. These leadership quotes from the world’s best leaders can help you to be motivated in your life.

A business man is drawing a upward trend

5 Beliefs About Success That Are Going to Help You Fail

Having the right mindset is essential to success in anything you do in life. Having a positive mindset and belief set can help you set new goals and achieve your dreams. However, having certain beliefs or mindsets about success may set you up to fail, either in business ventures or life itself. Here are some false beliefs about success, and how you can change your mindset with knowledge and learn the truth about success.

A man wearing suit is climbing a mountain

Work Smarter, Not Harder

What do people mean when they use the phrase “work smarter, not harder”? Usually, they mean that you should make your work process more efficient by decreasing the time and effort it takes to complete a task. Here are some tips and tricks to help you perfect the process of working smarter...not harder.

A workaholic man is working in the midnight

Daily Life of a Workaholic

Most people like to get off of work on time and rejoice about their days off...but what about those people who live to work? Here are their stories. If you're a workaholic or know a workaholic, maybe you can relate.

The inspirational story about getting three best friends

The Inspirational Story of A Lone Woman

The inspirational story of a young woman who battles depression and loneliness and has to find a way to start a new life despite being lonely

A businessman is laughing with money in his hands

Do You Have the Millionaire Mindset?

So, you want to be a millionaire? Last year there were 250,000 newly minted millionaires in the United States. There are as many paths to becoming a millionaire as there are millionaires. The Internet offers countless programs and boundless opportunities to reach that goal. Financial self-help books take up entire aisles of the bookstore.But what about the people who have already become millionaires? What are the traits they share? Can you cultivate these traits in your own life and set off on the path to financial success?Let’s look at the millionaire mindset, at the ten key traits shared by millionaires all over the world.

a woman with her smiling face

Self-Improvement: How To Boost Motivation In Working Toward Your Goals

Self-improvement takes drive, focus, and motivation. What tips can you use to boost motivation in working toward your goals? This article will break down those tips for improvement, motivation, and what steps to take to increase both of those skills within yourself.

A leader is standing on the mountain top

What Do You Consider To Be The Single Most Important Quality Of A Leader? Why?

From decades of information and knowledge, we all know that it's impossible in practice to isolate one quality from alternative qualities. The qualities of an individual are entangled in complicated ways in which we all know that quality may be represented as most significant in the abstract. However, this importance doesn't translate any validity into leadership training. Earlier, organizations would hire those leaders who had relevant management expertise. Today, they're willing to position their bets on leaders who bring entirely different skill sets to the table and use those to assist the organization to navigate the apace turbulent business atmosphere.

An employee is crying

I Bit My Lip So Hard It Bled

Every employee has been frustrated with work before. 40 hours a week, 9 to 5 each day, totally bored with life and lacking fulfillment. Stuck on the hamster wheel of life. The repetition has made many cry. Want to make a change or quit your job? Here are some stories of people just like you.

A pair of glasses and a notebook shows Small Business

4 Small Business Success Stories for New Entrepreneurs

Running a small business is interesting in that it can be both a lonely and fraternal experience.Let's take a close look at four insightful small business success stories and some of the remarkable lessons they provide to those of us who are willing to learn from the key decisions and sacrifices others have made in order to grow their business. 

A staff is crying behind a box

Have You Ever Cried at Work?

Work can be the cause of many people's stress and anxiety; if not the cause, it's usually a factor in aforementioned stress and anxiety. Therefore, it may be more normal than you think to fight back tears after making one too many mistakes at your desk or to just let go and let tears fall during a quick bathroom or lunch break. In this article, we have compiled a few work-related anecdotes that you may be able to relate to.

A woman sit in front of a laptop

The Grueling Work to Success of A Start-up Company Employee

A start-up company employee tries to get promoted by maintaining a high quality of work and showing dedication in the face of adversity.

A walking entrepreneur in front of the door

5 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Started With No Experience But Made Sure They Got It

Some entrepreneurs become successful only after doing well in another career: Maybe they mastered work as a consultant or an executive officer and used the skills they acquired to build their own enterprise.

5 success stories of entrepreneurs who started with no experience but made sure they got it

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