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Upgrade Your Home Workstation this Spring Season

Running out of things to do this spring?

Time to Celebrate

Gifts to Give for Every Life Event

You would get invited to a lot of events in your lifetime.

Surprising the Girlfriend

Give Ergonomic Furniture this Valentine's Day

While it’s still not Valentine’s Day just yet, it’s better to be prepared than sorry. 

 New Year Sale

Shop at FlexiSpot before January ends

Wanting to do some shopping at the start of the year but having second thoughts about whether you should just wait for another sale season? 

man working with his desk converter

Desk Converters - What They Are and Why You Need Them

The changing work arrangement allows an increasing number of people to work from home.

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Whats on Sale at FlexiSpot

If you’re looking for an ergonomic solution for your home office needs, FlexiSpot is the way to go. 

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Why a Desk Bike is a Great Investment

When we talk about exercise, we almost always think of ways to avoid it.

Man Without Ergonomics

All About Ergonomics

Ergonomics has become a buzzword in the furniture industry.

The Purchasing Decision
The X-Lift Structure

Things to Consider about the Desk Converters

The global pandemic did not stop the busiest corporate achievers from attaining their career goals, and the new work paradigm just intensified their desire to excel. 

Cycling for a Healthier You

4 Reasons to Use the Desk Bike and Standing Desk

As most experts say, the new work paradigm that companies worldwide embrace will be the permanent work setting soon. 

employee During the Remote Work

5 Ways the FlexiSpot Products Can Ease Your Exhaustion

When we talk about the countries with the most diligent workers, we will always think of Canada.

Equipment Pieces for WFH People

5 Benefits of Using Standing Desks and Monitor Mount

CCOHS (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health Safety) enumerated the WMSDs or the work-related musculoskeletal disorders. 

Studious and Ergonomically-Protected

5 Reasons Flexispot Desks Could Be Your Childs Study Buddy

Computer generation-the term that the Canada Safety Council coined for today's children exposed to RSI-related cases in Canada. 

The Ergo Chair for WFO and WHO Workers

5 Reasons to Flexispot Ergo Chairs Are Superb

In most provinces and territories in Canada, especially in the Canada Labour Code II, it emphasizes protecting workers from ergonomic-related hazards. 

wall design at home

The Best Wall Stickers to Spice Up Your Wall Décor (2021)

There’s nothing worse than a dull workspace; give yourself inspiration and motivation with wall stickers.

Being close to nature imbibes clear thinking and that is what  Kana Bamboo Stand

Financial Advice and Other Things

Plan your finances carefully to enjoy a happier future.

designer workspace

Workspace Design: Tips Every Designer Should Know

Design ideas to improve the vibes in your workspace...

Sleep Better At Night

Sleep Better At Night With These 12 Habits

A guide on enhancing your work desk layout to maximize efficiency.

desk position for elbow

What Is the Best Ergonomic Desk Position for Your Elbows?

An in-depth look at how to put your elbows in an optiminal position.

eco-friendly workstation

Turn Your Office to a Green and Lively Eco-Friendly Place

When the eyes can see vibrant colors, it signals the brain to be happy and motivated. 

Employees working on standing desks

How to Compare Warranties on Standing Desks

Ever bought a product that at first, you thought it is strong and durable but, in the end, began falling apart after a few days? 

 Bamboo desk

The Truth of Bamboo: Is It Sustainable?

Bamboo is an excellent material for your furniture needs.


Transitioning from Work to Home

Working from home or telecommuting has been practiced for decades...

A white standing desk

6 Reasons Why You Will Love Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

As opposed to sitting all day at your desk, transitioning between sitting and standing positions during working hours can have a tremendous effect on your health and overall lifestyle.

Working At Home

Work from Home Guide

With the global pandemic spreading around the world, most of us are forced to work from home...

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10 Creative Ways to Use Your Standing Desk

Life is not just about work!FlexiSpot illustrates tons of way to get the better use of a standing desk, making your life more creative and joyful!

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