Ergonomic Advice

Wes Anderson-inspired design

Designing Wes Anderson Vibes: Office Edition

Welcome to a world where office design meets the whimsical charm of Wes Anderson.

Cozy home interior with indoor plants

The Power of Plants: How Greenery Can Turn Your WFH into Woooah-FH!

Fellow remote workers, are you tired of staring at the same old screen and feeling like your work-from-home (WFH) experience is about as exciting as watching paint dry?

Work from Home

How the Home Office Went From Don Drapers Pad to Todays High-Tech Haven

From the time of slick suits and three-martini lunches to the present-day world of Zoom calls and instant messaging, the home office has seen quite the transformation. 

working from home during spring

Spring into Productivity: Fun and Fresh Ways to Revamp Your Home Office

As the warm sun melts away the last bits of winter, it's high time to inject some new life into your home office. 

Photo on the Wall

Decorating Your Workspace with Photo Frames

Physical photo albums are largely obsolete in the modern world. 

My Dream Workspace

Merging Interior Design and Sports Science's SAID principle

A concept known as SAID, or Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand, exists in sports science. 

Smiling Newborn

6 Tips to Make Space for a New Baby

Congratulations on having a baby on the way!

Nature Lover Employee

Designing a Workspace with Taurus in mind

In case you don’t know, we’ve officially entered Taurus season. 

Shared Office Space

What to Consider When Designing a Shared Home Office

It’s no easy feat to design a workspace for one, so it’s not surprising that it becomes an even taller order to prepare a home office for two. 

work area transformation

Transform Your Work Area to Improve Your Eyesight Gradually

Tips to slowly but surely improve your vision.

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