Daily Life of a Workaholic

20 September 2019

For most people, the end of a work day cannot come soon enough and weekends or days off are rejoiced. And then there are others who live to work. They enjoy work so much that friends and family most likely complain about their time spent making money instead of sharing quality social time. These people are called workaholics, and here are a couple of their stories.

Literal Graveyard Shift

I work at a graveyard. It's not an ideal working place for most people - they tend to think it's creepy or scary – but I actually find it to be quite peaceful. I love working there. I'm a security guard for the grounds. It needs security because it's actually a pretty well-known grave site that attracts tourists.

When I was first hired for the job, I was originally meant to only work the day shift from 9:00AM – 6:00PM. Someone else would then take over my shift. Apparently, though, the other guy couldn't handle the evening hours so he quit soon after I was hired. That left me stuck with picking up his shift until they could find someone to cover his position. It's been six months and they haven't found anyone yet. I'm not sure if they're even still looking. The strange thing is that I don't mind.

I work up to 12 hours most days and I love it. My guard station is pretty lush! It's set up like a cozy living room. The only thing that sets it apart from being just that are the monitors that showcase everything that the security cameras pick up. When it gets quiet and most of the visitors have gone home, I spend most of my time in there simply reading, listening to music, or watching television. It may come as a surprise for most people to learn that not much actually happens at a graveyard. I've been on the job for a year now and I have yet to see anything strange or creepy.

My brother asks me to spend more time with him. In response to that, I tell him to visit my guard station and hang out with me there. It's my home away from home anyway! We can sit there and chat or watch TV. He never takes me up on the offer, though. He says he doesn't want to spend his spare time surrounded by dead people. Bummer. I miss the company of the living. But I prefer the peace of the dead.

Post-It Note Girl

I'm an office worker surrounded by other office workers. In our office, there is a tradition that the newest hire has to do all of the menial tasks no one else wants to do – tasks like making coffee, making copies, and passing messages on to higher ups. The HR department must have decided they had made enough hires for the next decade because I've been the “new hire” for two years now. And things are getting out of hand.

What started out as a 9-to-5 job has become an 8-9 job. And this happened because all of the little tasks others asked me to do started to become a longer and longer list of “little tasks”. I'm too much of a people pleaser to say no.

Susan asks me to pick up donuts for the team meeting before work; I say yes. Paul asks me to read over his email before he sends it to corporate; I say sure. Jim asks me to make copies of his next presentation; I say I will. It's a curse.

It's gotten to the point where I'm starting to hate my job and my coworkers. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about quitting, but I don't because I then think of all of my bills and the huge student loan debt that I have to pay off. So, basically, I'm in a trap called capitalist society and I don't know how to get out. I wish could learn to say no and work a little less. Until then...this is my life. And it sucks.

Love of Corporate

I work as a manager of my corporate office, and I love my job. I love the smell of paper fresh off of the copier, the smell of my leather suitcase, and the smell of different perfumed and cologned bodies running here and there trying to meet deadlines on time. In fact, the busier and more hectic my office environment is, the more I love it.

The rush of adrenaline and accomplishment that I feel when my office produces work of high quality in record time is unparalleled. My subordinates sometimes feel a little pressured and overwhelmed due to the way I push them, but that's just par for the course. I don't get invited to very many birthday parties or Christmas parties but the happiness I feel due to a job well done far outweighs the happiness I would get from any of those events anyway.

I'm sure some people think my priorities are mixed up, but I don't agree. For some people, hanging out with friends makes them happy. For others, spending time alone reading and watching television makes them happy. For me, work makes me happy. And that isn't “wrong”. I've been this way since elementary school and I don't think I'm ever going to change.