Ergonomic Advice

The Art of Writing

How to Write Fast But Still Make Sense

Even the most talented writers find it difficult to write at certain times. 

Working Hard

A Secret to A More Efficient Work Performance

In relation to your finances, you're in a bind.

Content Creation

Side Hustles to Grow Your Money this 2023

It might be seen as too extra but there are people who review their finances from the past year and prepare their budgets for the new year. 

The future of AI

Is Artificial Intelligence taking over the Future?

In a world full of technology, why are humans still valuable?

Death by Work

How to Finish All Your Work Commitments without getting a Major Burnout

If you find yourself stuck with too many commitments, what can you do to tick them one by one? 

Back to Work

Ease Back into Work After a Long Holiday Break

After taking a vacation this Christmas and New Year break, don’t you find it hard to return to work?

Deep at Work

Your Cheat Sheet to Be More Productive at Work

Huge objectives might be overwhelming. 

New City, New Life

What You Should Know Before Moving to another Country for Work

Travel is one benefit that employees receive from their jobs.

Holiday Working

Getting Through Work in the busyness of the holiday Season

Do you hear the jingle bells ringing and the sound of footsteps filling the streets? 

Colorful board room

Playing with Colors for Your Workstation

For easy access to interior design, so many individuals now use Pinterest. 

The Office Desk

How To Pick the Perfect Desk for Your Workspace at Home

Chris was one of the many workers who had to work from home at the time when the pandemic struck, whether or not he liked it at the time. 

Virtual Assistance

The Reality of Being a Virtual Assistant

Ever thought of becoming a virtual assistant?

Young man in workwear and rubber gloves cleans the office chair

Key to a Long Life: Start Cleaning Your Chair!

After you pay the payment and the chair is delivered to your house, your investment does not end.

Working at Home

Managing Your Time and Workload as a Freelancer

People believe that because they don't have to answer to a boss or work from 9 to 5, becoming a freelancer is a piece of cake. 

Busy Working Mom

Who Wins the Debate on the Most Ideal Workspace? Remote and On-site Workers React

Let's say you are the most responsible worker in the office, and recognized at that.

There’s No More Time

How to Talk to Someone Who's Always Late for Work

Most of the time, when employees arrive late for work, there is a good explanation.

Stressed and Depressed

Keeping Your Composure at Work Even When Your Life is Falling Apart

Picture this. 

Oh No!

Subtle Red Flags that Your Annoying Officemate is Actually Really Insecure

Do you know a buddy who, three years later, would still boast about her trip to Iceland? 

Online Conference participants

How to Leave a Good Impression in a Virtual Call

The world may have opened up but because of the pandemic, it has also discovered the wonders of working at home. 

Tired of Procrastinating

How to Finally Put an End to Your Cramming Habit

You should start concentrating on your daily activities if you want to find success in your life.

On Time

How to Pass Your Work Assignments on Time

Some people perform at their peak when a deadline is present.

Fighting Attention Span

Heres How to Stop Your Attention Span from Declining Further

You plan to concentrate intently for 90 minutes, but when you see a blank page and a blinking cursor, you open a new tab and forget the original purpose of your plan. 

Time to Wake Up

All the Benefits You Will Enjoy from Having A Solid Morning Routine

Don't discount the value of mornings when trying to increase your productivity. 

Comfortably Functionable

Tools You Need if You Want to Work While In Bed

You will take notice of days that getting out of bed will be difficult. 

Here to Help

6 Typical Job Assignments Virtual Assistants Do

Virtual assistants are currently in demand in the outsource market. 

Working Hard

The New Secret for Freelancers: Optimising Your Time, Not Multitasking

You work as a freelancer for various companies. 

Working as an Intern

Various Internships Students Can Apply For

College students wanting to fulfill their academic requirements are not the only ones who can benefit from internships. 

Job Interview

How to Seal the Deal and Be Signing a New Job Contract Soon

You are perhaps already losing patience with your current job situation.

Loving the Staff

Want to Ensure Success for Your Company? Invest in Your Employees

You've wanted to make significant workplace adjustments for your staff for a very long time. 

Learning about Digital Marketing

5 Tips to Acquire Skills in Digital Marketing

More businesses are increasingly looking to invest in digital marketing as the reach of the digital world expands. 

Balancing Work and Life

The Dream Work-Life Balance

When you go home from work, do you feel worn out and irritable?

Making time for Family

How to Not take Your Loved Ones for Granted On Busy Work Days

When we are bogged down by work, we occasionally lose sight of our loved ones.

Focused Writing

How to Become a Professional Wordsmith

Writing is difficult, yet if you ask any writer about their experience, they'll all quite tell you how enjoyable or cathartic it is for them.

Giving Up on Work

7 Lines You Can Tell Yourself to Finally Stop Cramming

You are in a familiar hole. 

Too Much Work

6 Ways to Tackle Your Work Backlog

Sometimes, you can’t avoid that work will pile up. 

Cramming Stress

Your Cram-Proof Workstation Essentials

We have all crammed or procrastinated once in our lives. 

In the Operating Room

8 Jobs that Require Extreme Focus

Almost every job requires focus but there are ones that stand out wherein you need to give your 100% attention in order to perform at your best and to deliver your job properly. 

New Hire

8 Tips On How to Help New Employees Adjust

We were all once new employees at some point in the company that we are currently working in. 

One, two, three… Smile!

Scrolling through Social Media while Earning Money

Do you spend countless hours scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and whatnot?


How to Enhance Your Note-taking Skills

There are many people who take note-taking skills for granted.

Writing Thoughts

5 Skills a Writer Must Possess

Being a writer is no easy job. 

Leading the Pack

6 Characteristics of a Good Leader in the Workplace

Anyone can be a leader but it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to be one.

The Intern

Are Adult Interns A Thing?

Almost everyone thinks that internships are for college students.

Introvert in Action

5 Jobs Introverts Would be Perfect For

During your job interview or initial exam, your potential employer will ask you what your personality type is. 

Event Planning

5 Jobs that are Perfect for Extroverts

You shouldn’t be surprised when the job that you are applying for asks for your personality type. 

Curious Mind

7 Ways to Make Your Curiosity Work for You

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Curiosity killed the cat?” 

Applying for a Job

5 Common Mistakes People Write in their Resumes

You might have been busy these days hunting for a job. 

Relaxing at Work

Questions to Evaluate Your Overall Work Mindset

How has work been lately?

Hard at Work

Tools to Help You Get a Work Promotion

You are probably being too harsh on yourself again. 

Project Management

4 Tips on Monitoring Project Progress Effectively

If you are a project manager, then your main responsibility is to supervise a project, making sure that each team member contributes and completes his or her assigned tasks. 

Achieving Career Success

6 Pointers on How You Can Achieve Success In Your Career

For many, career success is defined by the joy they get from it. 

Deep at Work

10 Tips to Keep Your Current Job

Just because you got employed in your company, doesn’t mean you have to be complacent. 

Lazy Woman

6 Tips to Combat Laziness at Work

Feeling lazy to do work today? 

Settling In

8 Tips for Starting Employment Abroad

One perk employees get from their work is travel. 

Organized Desk

7 Tips to Be More Organized at Work

To meet the goals of the company, productivity among the workforce is the key. 

The Home Office

The Dream Permanent Home Office Set-up

So you’re now going to work at home permanently. 

Problematic Man

How to Shift Careers While Going Through a Midlife Crisis

When you are going through a midlife crisis, you are often enticed to reach out for changes in your life. 

Up the Ladder

7 Tips for Professional Career Growth

You could only be up for a promotion, assume bigger roles in the company, or dive into a new industry if you take action. 

Work Safety

Safety Hazards in the Workplace

Most people overlook it but in every workplace, there are safety precautions and hazards in place.

Good Teamwork

8 Areas to Assess Your Work Performance

No workplace is perfect. 


8 Ways to Solve Problems at Work

There are common challenges that we experience in the workplace. 

Hardworking employee

6 Communication Tools for Work-from-Home Setups

Because of the entirely different setup, there were many changes when more people began working more at home. 

Discussing with the Boss

Tips on How to Advance at Work and Hit Your Career Goals

It’s been two years and you’re still working for the same company. 

Asking for Feedback

Why You Need to Ask for Feedback in the Workplace

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been working at your company; you can always ask for feedback on your work performance. 

Freelancer at Work

6 Solutions for Work-from-Home Challenges

Work-from-home or work anywhere used to be the dream. 

Positive Affirmations

How to Motivate Employees Through Words of Affirmation

By now, you might already know the five love languages of American author and marriage counselor Gary Chapman.

Journal Time

Bullet Journal Ideas to Try this 2022

The bullet journal was invented by 39-year-old digital designer Ryder Caroll. 

employees working on their desks

How to Persuade Your Employer to Invest in a Standing Desk

What does everyone do every day, while it can be harmful to their health?

Resisting Sleep

7 Tips to Pull off an All-Nighter

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty.” 

 Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb! 8 Ways to Avoid Distractions

With more people working from home, distractions in the office space have taken a new form.

Business Woman on a Video Call

Six Tips to Look Professional at Every Online Work Meeting

Today is the age of remote work. 

The Array of Ergo Needs

5 Important Work Area Needs of WFH and Hybrid Office Workers

A workstation is a potential place where you can encounter office hazards.

Proactivity, Set, Go!

7 Tips on How to Become a Proactive WFH Individual

The Covid-era working environment in Canada is not just a trend but a fundamental aspect in the country's corporate sector because even during the pre-pandemic times, many Canadian companies have dispatched workers home and let them do the remote work.

The Cheerful WFH-Person

5 Ways to Ensure a Flexible Movements at the Work Space

In the current global situation, many workers in Canada face significant challenges in the remote work setting. 

The Work Space At Home

5 Ways to Maximize the Work Space on the Standing Desk

Workers in Canada are frequently over the moon during work hours.

The Ergonomics at the Home Office

9 Ways to Stay Focused and Productive in Co-Working Spaces

As the new work paradigm occurs in most companies, some aspects of Canadian workplace culture will retain and survive in the unique work setting.

An Office Desk with a Lot of Clutter

Collisions and Injury: Biggest Ergonomic Problems in the Office

You are busy typing your report. You need to wrap it all up at 4:30 so you could relax until 5.

5 Simple Ways to Manage Workplace Stress

5 Simple Ways to Manage Workplace Stress

Tips to have a productive and stress-free day at the office.

Employee Birthday Celebration Ideas WFH-Style

Employee Birthday Ideas: WFH Style

Raise the morale and enthusiasm of your employees and show them you care, even when they're not at the office.

FlexiSpot Recommendations for Working at Home

FlexiSpot Recommendations for Working at Home

Increase your productivity while working with these top picks from FlexiSpot.

Lean on the Sturdiness of the Standing Desks

Reasons to Patronize the Flexispot Standing Desks

In today's society, there are a lot of changes in the lifestyle and needs of every person.

Spending Money Wisely

Standing Desks Vs. Ordinary Desks: Which Saves You More?

Although it may be pricier than an ordinary desk, a standing desk makes for a much better investment in the long run.

proper work etiquette

Understanding Proper Workplace Etiquette

Use this tips to be an effective, productive and well-liked employee in the workplace

happy employee

Workplace Happiness: Why It Makes Working in the Office Better

Admit it, we all have our ups and downs while working. 

 Standing Desk Customization

Things to Keep in Mind When Customizing Your Standing Desk

These are the things you should keep in mind when you are customizing your standing desk.

Sedentary job

How to Improve Your Sedentary Work Experience

So, you want to do something about your health now instead of waiting until the last minute to try and fix the problem...

Healthy Living Now

Knowing the Importance of Being Healthy in your Early 20s

They say that you are to reap what you sow after a few years of aging. This is indeed true...

Ergonomic office equipment

Is a Home Office Standing Desk Right for You?

Whether you have neck and back pains or have gained a few pounds...

desk bike

Advantages and Disadvantages of Desk Bike

Exercise is good but not all exercise equipment is for everyone. Fortunately, there are “fixes” to some of the problems and issues that people have with exercising on a desk bike...

An employee taking advantage of the ergonomic benefits

How Your Standing Desk Ergonomics Can Help You Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Office furniture must be more just aesthetics in the workspace. They should be designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind...

Office Activities

Effective Ways You Should Know to Stay Active at Work

Staying active every day can be difficult for those who work in a sedentary setting...

Two workers sitting on the ergonomic desk chairs

Ergonomic Office Chair: Can It Reduce Back Problems?

Sitting in an office chair for extended periods can cause low back pain or worsen a pre-existing back condition...

How to Stay Flexible While Managing a Business

How to Stay Flexible While Managing a Business

The work setup is fast evolving. Flexibility is a major factor that continues to change how people work daily. 

How to choose ergonomic office chair

3 Tips for Choosing The Right Ergonomic Office Chair

With all the different types of office chairs in the market, finding the right ergonomic chair might be a little overwhelming. With these 3 quick and easy tips, find the right chair that works for you!

Why Buying a High-Quality Desk Pays Dividends in the Future

Buying a High-Quality Desk Pays Dividends in the Future

5 Ways to Detox from Digital

When it comes to disconnecting at a time of a pandemic, the task almost seems impossible and hardly practical. With these 3 simple tips, you can opt to gain a balanced mindset and detox all the negative and unproductive emotions you may be dealing with. For more updates listen to our weekly podcast Ergotcha! Now available on Google, Spotify and everywhere you can listen to podcasts! Join our hosts Shahida and Daisy as they explore ergonomics, lifestyle tips and more. While we may provide you with a quick guide to this week’s episode, feel free to explore what a digital detox is and how to apply it into your everyday life.

Let’s Get Into It!

A Digital Detox is all about disconnecting from technology when it’s needed. If you ever find yourself constantly checking your phone and feeling the need to always reply as soon as you get a message, an email or a notification, chances are you’re in need of a digital detox fast! These feelings can lead to the development of anxiety and can affect your mental health negatively in the long run. Dr. Jennifer Weniger

6 Productivity Tips to Overcome Procrastination While Working From Home

You just checked your calendar and saw that you have three deadlines today. You sigh and tell yourself that you will take a breather first. But instead of going back to work, you check your phone, you cuddle with your pet, and then get a cup of coffee. And before you know it, you just wasted an hour of doing something else other than what you ought to be doing.

You feel bad and ask yourself what’s wrong. You are procrastinating, and it’s a prevalent phenomenon. This study shows that procrastination comprises over a quarter of most people’s working days, costing employers about $10,000 per employee per year.


What is procrastination?

It is defined as failing to regulate yourself. This is a major issue that must be tackled especially now that working from home seems to be the new norm. Since there is no boss or colleague to monitor your work, you should motivate yourself to finish things within an agreed timeframe.

It is an uphill battle. Adjusting to this new work setup can affect productivity but that does not mean that procrastination should be a part of the process.


You can overcome procrastination  

Luckily for us, we can avoid procrastination if we really want to. It needs will power and then some, but it will be rewarding to finally get off the rut and start accomplishing things. Here

How to Ward Off the Dreaded “Office Butt”

Heres the deal: Sitting too much might be jeopardizing your hard work to get the toned tush. Those long hours of sitting on your office chair are deactivating the nerves that activate gluteal muscles, which promotes atrophy or weakening of muscles. When this happens, the sleepy butt or office butt syndrome will make it hard for you to gain results for your backside.

What are the gluteal muscles?

When we think of our butt, we usually think about how good a firm derriere would look good in  swimwear or your jeans. But the muscles in our butt have way more functions than aesthetics. They are the powerhouse of strength in the body and support you through different ranges of motion with the right posture.

It is composed of three muscle groups: the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. Working those three muscles is a must because they can help avoid injuries in the lower back, hamstrings, and knees. The good thing is that you can awaken your glute muscles with specific exercises including amending how you go about your office day to ensure that your rear is working.

Say no to the office butt

  1. Engage your gluteal muscles now Exercising is still the king of activity for your glutes. After all, they are muscles waiting to be developed. If you want a low-impact workout, you can start with barre exercises. Doing a

Five Tips to Help You Transition to a Standing Desk Converter

The transition to a standing desk converter might pose radical changes in your lifestyle. Are you ready for it?

 standing desk converter

Four Factors You Must Consider When Buying a Corner Standing Desk Converter

Make sure that these factors are right on the money before buying a corner standing converter.

sit-stand converter with monitor arm

Five Reasons Why Home Office Monitor Setup Is Important

A home office monitor setup can help you create an ergonomic workstation, especially if you want to reduce back and neck pain.

back pain

How Your Spine Looks In Different Postures

The way you carry yourself has an impact on your spine. 

poor posture

Reduce Fatigue With These Easy Steps

Practicing good posture and taking breaks from work will give you an energy boost that will keep you motivated to finish your tasks. 

Laziness working life style

Score Your Wellness Target on Lazy Days With FlexiSpot

The FlexiSpot Monitor Stand S6 is the home office furniture that lazy people will love! Find out why this device can make your life easier.

Keeping up Communication in the Workplace During COVID-19

Remote work has suddenly become the new normal in light of the coronavirus pandemic. While working from home reduces the cost of commuting, it may increase the cost of communication. Unlike face-to-face communication in the office, remote communication comes with some limitations and barriers. To ensure continued efficiency and productivity, telecommuters need to master some effective communication skills. Read on to find strategies for keeping up communication in the workplace now that the workplace is at home.

Synchronous online time.

One advantage of remote work is that it can allow for a bit more flexibility. For many office workers, it doesn’t necessarily matter at which hours the work is completed – just that it is. Maybe you catch up on some work at night after the kids are in bed, but you know that you can’t necessarily expect a response to an email at 9:00pm. While allowing flexibility is helpful, especially in these unprecedented times, it may be beneficial to have a period during the day where everyone on the team is expected to be online – say, from 10:00am to 2:00pm. The early birds and the night owls will both be available for any meetings scheduled during this time, and team members will know they can count on reasonably timely responses from coworkers within this window.

Reading email and other communications in a timely manner.

On the subject of timely responses, it’s all the more crucial while working remotely to keep a close eye on incoming emails, chat messages and other forms of communication. Remote workers don’t have the ability to just pop into a coworker’s office to ask a quick question, and managers don’t have the advantage of seeing employees physically at their desks.

Being responsive helps workflow and builds tru

Having trouble with managing remote teams? These few tips can help you out

Nothing in our lifetime has disrupted social life like the Coronavirus pandemic. All over the world, the virus continues to take its toll, and companies, teams and firms all over the world have had to adjust their modus operandi.

That's right. If your work can be done from home, you've probably been asked to start working from the confines of your house. This can be an especially difficult situation, particularly if you're the leader of a team that has to work together. Managers all over the world have been forced into situat ions where they would have to lead teams remotely. This is something that has never happened on such a large scale, and unsurprisingly, managers have found it difficult to adjust.

It's hard enough being a team member receiving virtual instructions. Imagine being the manager giving those instructions and having to coordinate the efforts of others too as well.

But thankfully, there are a few tips that can help you coordinate your team better.

Lower Your Expectations

First off, accept that you will not be as productive as you would have been in the regular office setting. Accept that your team members/workers won't be as productive as well. That will most certainly help you deal with whatever is coming.

This means that you will have to become more flexible, relax some rules on deadlines, and you may have to occasionally pick quality over quantity (that is quality of work over volume).

Stay In Touch

Well, this looks like the put one foot in front of the other rule, but it's important. Research says that contacting people frequently builds communication and makes it easier to sustain engagement.

This means that you must always make sure that your employees are checking in. Don't allow 12 hours go by without getting feedback about a task. You may even set a model of checking in. Maybe every 5 hours, workers are mandated to touch base. This will

home office standing desk

Comparing the SHW Desk and the FlexiSpot EN1 Desk

Comparing the SHW Desk and the FlexiSpot EN1 Desk

Confident young designer working with drawing tablet at home office

Bad Office Habits That Can Affect Your Productivity Levels And How To Avoid Them

Break free from these bad office habits and increase your productivity levels. 

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