Single Monitor Mount F7

  • F7 for 10"-27", 3.3-11 lbs screen

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Fully Adjustable Arm

The F7’s flexible arm lets you rotate, extend, swivel, and tilt your monitor with just a light touch, so it’s easy to position your screens exactly where you want them — or adjust them whenever you need to.

Flexispot F7 Complete 360°Rotation
Complete 360°Rotation

The flexible monitor mount arm rotates a complete 360 degrees, allowing you to convert your display orientation from landscape to portrait for web design and coding projects.

FlexiSpot F7 Complete 360°Rotation
Hassle-free Installation

Sturdy C-clamp and grommet mount bases are included with your F7 monitor mount, making for a simple and hassle-free installation process. Have your new monitor mount installed within minutes.

FlexiSpot F7 Hassle-free Installation
Cordless Desktop

In addition to a suspended display that opens up your desktop, the F7 includes a cable management system that organizes and hides your wires to clear your deskspace — and headspace — from unnecessary clutter.

FlexiSpot F7 Cordless Desktop

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